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f Step 1: New User

What kind of user are you?

I am a student

I am an instructor/administrator with an institution.

q Step 2: New Instructor or Administrator

Enter the Instructor-Access-Key that was sent to you by EDGT, or given to you by your institution:

The Instructor-Access-Key grants access to both instructors who may teach a class of students, and to administrators who might maintain the EDGT Tutorials/Tests at your institution.

Error: The Instructor-Access-Key you entered is not valid.


s Step 3: New Instructor or Administrator

Review your information:

Below, your School, Administrator, and Tutorial Group, should be displayed. If the information does not look familiar to you, verify that you correctly entered your Instructor-Access-Key by using the "Back" button below. If the information is correct, click "Next" to continue.

School/Institution:Chicago School of Nursing
Administrator:Linda Ely
Tutorial Group:Default

r Step 4: New Instructor or Administrator

Choose your Username and Password:

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Important: Please carefully enter a valid e-mail address so that a copy of your registration, with your username and password, can be sent to you. We will keep your e-mail address private. Providing us with a valid e-mail address will help us provide you with any support you need (e.g. forgotten usernames and passwords). The Username and Password will NOT accept special characters (examples: #, &, $):

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