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Physiology and Assessment: The Gastrointestinal System

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Online Tutorial Details:

Math Magic for Meds is a highly interactive online tutorial that teaches the basic concepts of dosage calculations using a dimensional analysis approach. This version of the online tutorial retains the apothecary system.

Its major intent is to turn a generally high anxiety-producing learning situation into one that is easy, pleasant, and fun. It covers simple problems such as calculating oral medication dosages to very complex problems involving intravenous drips based on body weight.

This online tutorial is designed to be used for study or review by students or practitioners of nursing and the other healthcare professions.

Content Overview:

Math Magic for Meds is divided into five modules:

  • Module 1: The Basics of Dimensional Analysis
  • Module 2: Oral and Injectable Medication Problems
  • Module 3: Intravenous Infusion Problems
  • Module 4: Medication Problems Based on Body Weight
  • Module 5: A Test Bank

Instructional strategies used throughout the program include tutorials, examples, step-by-step guided practice, additional practice items, and a test bank. The instructional layout of the first four tutorial modules is:

  • A presentation of example problems
  • Step-by-step guided practice
  • Problems for students to work through on their own

When learners finish the problems, they can access the answers and all steps in the problem-solving process. Learners can then identify and correct any errors they have made. The fifth module is a test bank of 50 questions divided into 5 tests. Test results are displayed at the end of each test including the number correct, the number incorrect, the percentage correct, and the correct answers accompanied by rationales. Test scores are stored in databases on the EDGT server for later instructor or student retrieval and review.

Content Highlights:

  • Describes the steps used in the dimensional analysis approach for solving dosage calculation problems.
  • Identifies appropriate conversion factors needed to solve specific drug calculation problems.
  • Shows the learner how to set up problems using the dimensional analysis method.
  • Demonstrates how oral and injectable medication problems are solved using dimensional analysis.
  • Demonstrates how intravenous infusion problems are solved using dimensional analysis.
  • Uses dimensional analysis to solve problems involving ordered amounts of medications and intravenous fluids based on body weight.
  • Evaluate it before you buy!

Preview this complete online tutorial and its tests for free! Just order the 30-Day Evaluation version of this product. See "Free Online Tutorial Evaluations -- 30-Day Trials for Institutions." With this free evaluation, you can see if this online tutorial meets the learning needs of your students.


The price of this tutorial is $395 plus $10 shipping and handling. The price includes an unlimited number of users at the site of purchase for a period of three years and free access to all of EDGT's online tests (includes over 1000 test items). Additional campuses may purchase access to the tutorial for half price.

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