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EDGT Sample Test

About This Sample Test

Get a feel for how EDGT online testing works...

This sample test is similar to what students will experience when taking tests on EDGT Online. All tests have easy to use instructions and detailed explanations outlining test performance. For all EDGT Online products, test scores are available immediately to both the student and instructor.

In this sample test, you will be given ten random questions taken from the EDGT testing database. When finished, look below to see if you made the High Scores list! We begin a new list on the first day of each month or when all ten of the top scores are 100%. So feel free to come back and try again.

Enter your nickname and location and then click on "Start Test" to begin:

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High Scores!

See if you made the Top Ten List:

Nickname Location Score Time Date
Kddawg Bow Island 90.00% 16.4 min May 01, 2013
Nurse victory 60.00% 11.8 min May 10, 2013
MathProfessor Hollywood 60.00% 7.2 min Oct 16, 2013
nana Bloomfield 60.00% 4.7 min Jan 21, 2014
Ecoli Naperville 50.00% 7.6 min Apr 22, 2013
Dumbo Midville 50.00% 9.7 min Apr 22, 2013
Ecoli Naperville 50.00% 6.8 min Dec 24, 2013
Linda Naperville 50.00% 1.5 min Mar 21, 2014
Mamacita Honolulu 40.00% 1.4 min May 14, 2013
Demi Oakland 30.00% 0.8 min Apr 22, 2013