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What Is EDGT?

Nursing Education Made Fun and Convenient

EDGT wants nursing students to succeed! ...And to do that, we've created a comprehensive set of online nursing tutorials that can be used in the classroom or anywhere the student has access to the internet. Whether you’re a nursing school, a university, or even a single user, EDGT covers a wide range of nursing concepts designed specifically for nursing education.

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EDGT’s nursing tutorials are designed to be fun and easy to use while creating a powerful learning tool for both the instructor and students. Students can learn interactively at the their own pace, and instructors can track the student’s progress and resulting test scores... all real-time, all online. EDGT’s tutorials and tests work great on desktop computers as well as tablets!

Use the links below to experience a sample of one of EDGT's online tutorials and tests. See how fun and easy online learning can be, and imagine how this can be incorporated into your school's curriculum. Then, check our products page to see the full selection of tutorial topics that we offer.

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EDGT offers 30-day full free trials for colleges, universities, and learning institutions. As an instructor, you can see if EDGT's products would be beneficial for your students.

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